Background to this trip

The story of the Otago Infantry Regiment and Otago Mounted Rifles in WW1 is a tale of courage, endurance and tragedy spanning over 5 years. Sadly for today’s residents south of the Waitaki, it is a relatively unknown story. As the centennial of WW1 approaches, the Otago Settlers Association in conjunction with Toitū Otago Settlers Museum is creating a video series of short documentaries which follow in the footsteps of our region’s service personnel, sharing a story which should not be forgotten.

Follow us as, 100-years later, we attempt to retrace the steps of the Otago Infantry Regiment and Otago Mounted Rifles

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8 thoughts on “Background to this trip

  1. Nice site .My grandfather and his brothers were in ww1 from southland. SELBY , Harold and Ernest were well known in the district.


  2. I have only just discovered this site. I am very interested in Otago Battalion because my grandfather and his brother – Frank and Clive Statham were with Otago and were killed on Chunuk Bair. Have been trying to get a full understanding of Otago’s role and this series of stories has covered it.. I would like to be in contact with the author!


      • Thank you so much for directing me to the wonderful work you have done. I wish I had tracked you down earlier. The journey of Frank and Clive Statham is very important to me, and it is great to see it written about. I was at Gallipoli in August 2015, and at Chunuk Bair at dawn on 9th August 2015 to remember 100 years since their deaths. It was my third visit to Gallipoli, the first one being in 1974, when my father asked me and my sister to try to find Frank’s grave. This was at a time that no-one was interested in Gallipoli. I was at the Dunedin Anzac Dawn Service in April 2014 – you were probably there. Would like to meet you some time. (I live in Australia, but have frequent visits to NZ). Best wishes, Janet Statham


  3. Sean, many thanks for pointing me in this direction at Cromwell yesterday. The excellent coverage of the battlefields is very interesting and highly useful. Best regards, John Barham


  4. So excited to have found this site. I am writing an account of my grandfather, Corporal Croydon Lee (4th Otago Regiment.). He travelled to France with the 21st Reinforcments in 1917 and fought with them in France. Looking forward to reading this blog!


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